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Special Instructions for your photo session!

The location could be your favorite park, the beach, or your own backyard. I can suggest some places if you like! I prefer to photograph without a flash, so outdoor locations are a must {with the exception of newborn photo shoots}. I recommend the full session so we can be sure to capture lots of great photos, have time for wardrobe changes, possibly explore more than one location, try fun and new poses, plus you receive more polished images! Additional fee may apply if long-distance travel is required.

Within 3 days of your session, I will upload photos from your session to an online Shutterfly gallery. My favorite images will be in spots 1 through 20. You will let me know which images are your favorite and I will edit those photos! Within 2-3 weeks of your response, I will mail you the artistically edited images along with the remaining images on a CD.

Prices are subject to change at any time. However, I will always honor the prices in the place at the time your session is booked.

BEFORE THE PHOTO SHOOT: To get the most out of our time together, think about the types of photos you would like. I am happy to guide you, but your ideas are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to write down a few ideas and we can go through your ideas at the photo shoot. Having said that, don’t be concerned if you haven’t thought about it. I can guide you!

WHAT TO WEAR: I recommend NOT wearing white unless this is the color you like on you best. I personally find white can wash you out or look cold. Colors like olive green, navy, etc, bring out warmth in your skin and compliment hair and eyes. Don’t be afraid of fun colors {but let’s avoid the neons ;o)}! Layers such as jackets, sweaters, and scarves are very flattering and fashionable. Jewelry or hair accessories for women add some fun flair. Keep in mind that your feet will be in the photographs, so chose your footwear carefully. Please avoid old t-shirts/sweatshirts. Regardless of these suggestions, wear what makes you feel good & comfortable and feel free to bring a few options {keeping in mind the length of our session will include wardrobe changes}.

WHAT TO BRING: Besides wardrobe changes and accessories, feel free to bring a few things that have to do with you {hobbies, interests, keepsakes, etc} that will add some personal touches to your photos!

PAYMENT: Check or cash payment is due at the time of shoot.

CHILDREN’S SESSION: To assist in a smooth process, please aim to have your child/ren well fed and rested before the shoot. Keep in mind nap times and we can plan accordingly. Parents – when you are not being photographed yourself, you will be encouraged to assist by interacting with your child/ren to keep them calm, happy and looking in the right direction. As some of my shots will be close-ups, you might prefer to have your child/ren’s nails nicely trimmed and their face food free. If we are taking pictures of more than one child, be sure they’re outfits coordinate.

NEWBORN SESSION: An area in your home that has good natural lighting (bright / sunny room) is required. If there is not enough light in your home/apartment, check out your friends/family’s homes or I can provide a location.

COUPLE/FAMILY SESSION: See the ‘What to Wear’ section for clothing suggestions, but keep in mind that you will be standing next to each other and it’s a good idea to coordinate your outfits so they work well together.

Once you receive the finished photos, keep in mind that I will not be storing the pictures, so be sure that you save your images on your computer and store the disc in a safe place.

Most of all, prepare to enjoy yourself and capture some great memories!